Kurgan mini-CHPP


Kurgan, Kurgan region

Technical characteristics:

  • Electric capacity: 25 MW, thermal capacity: 40 Gcal/h;
  • Fuel: natural gas;
  • Equipment used: three 8MW Wartsila gas reciprocating units with heat recovery hot water boilers.

Works performed:

  • General Designer / Prime Contractor
  • Engineering survey work;
  • Development of the project documentation and assistance to the Customer in obtaining approval of the developed project documentation from the expert and oversight authorities, as well as the Owner;
  • ? Designer supervision functions;
  • ? Dismantling of the existing equipment, installations, buildings and structures as well as relocation of utility networks and equipment from the construction area;
  • Supply of the main and auxiliary equipment, materials;
  • Construction and erection work;
  • Installation of the main and auxiliary equipment;
  • Commissioning operations and preparations for the Plant start-up, including the required tests, reliability run;
  • Training of the Customer personnel;
  • Plant start-up with guaranteed performance parameters, execution and transfer of the as-built, turnover and operational documentation to the Customer.