Steam turbine installation is nearing completion at Kirov CHP-4

02 December 2013

To date installation of the 65MW steam turbine, made by JSC "The Ural Turbine Works" and the turbine generator has been completed. The HP and LP cylinders have been completely assembled. Heat insulating operations are underway. The STP oil system circulation is in progress.

Installation of the ST piping is 90% complete. The pumping equipment has been fully installed, its adjustment is in progress. Installation of electrical equipment, cable routing and termination is underway. The 6kV switchgear and control gear as well as 0,4kV auxiliary switchgear have been installed and are now being prepared for energizing.

The investment project for modernization of Kirov CHP-4, undertaken by IES Holding, provides for dismantling of three turbine-generator units with auxiliaries to be replaced by up-to-date equipment. The project implementation will reduce the existing shortage of electric power in the Kirov energy system and enhance the reliability of power service to consumers.