Group’s projects include construction of middle-sized power plants with high efficiencies in energetically deficient regions.

Implementation of Intertechelectro  projects will allow to:

  • Provide the consumers with the required number of private heat and energy generating units;
  • Supply the consumers with thermal and electrical energy under long-term contracts and at fixed prices;
  • Provide high levels of energy generation due to latter-day equipment utilization;
  • Enhance energy supply reliability with the utilization of the most technologically advanced equipment and plant construction in the areas nearest to the consumers (which prevents from the need to transport energy over long distances);
  • Rehabilitate obsolete energy infrastructure;
  • Increase budget income of all levels;
  • Create additional work places during the time of power plant construction and maintenance;
  • Bring about opportunities of economic and social regional development.

Projects in implementation



Established power (ISO)


Electric energy

Thermal energy



Noyabrsk CCPP 122,6 95 Comissioned 19.11.2010
CCGT unit of Chelyabinsk CHPP-3 220 146 Comissioned 07.06.2011
Priobskaya GTPP 315 - Comissioned 01.09.2012
Kurgan CHPP-2 226 250 Comissioned 04.03.2014
CCGT unit of Vologda CHPP 110 75 Comissioned 31.03.2014
Kirov CHPP-4 Modernization 65 - Comissioned 21.03.2014
CCGT unit of Kirov CHPP-3 230 136 Comissioned 31.07.2014
Kurgan mini-CHPP 24 48 Comissioned 31.12.2015
Kazan CHPP-3 Modernization 389 - Comissioned 19.06.2017
Mayakovskaya CHPP 156 - Comissioned 02.03.2018
Talakhovskaya CHPP 156 - Comissioned 02.03.2018