“Intertechelectro” Group of Companies has manufactured a boiler house for the village of Tugulym

01 October 2020

The Kurgan Plant of Integrated Solutions (part of "Intertechelectro" Group of companies) has completed the manufacture of a 6 MW prefabricated modular boiler house for the village of Tugulym (the Sverdlovsk region). The project Customer is the"United Heat Supply Company" JSC ("OTSK", a subsidiary of "Oblkommunenergo” JSC).

The main and auxiliary equipment of the boiler house has been installed and fully connected in a shop-assembled module with a high degree of prefabricaiton. The modular arrangement will make it possible to minimize the scope of construction and erection activities and significantly reduce the time and cost of the power facility construction.

To date the boiler house module has been shipped from the factory and delivered to the construction site. After the installation has been completed at site, experts of the "Intertechelectro" Group of companies will commence commissioning and startup activities.

The construction of a gas-fired boiler house in the village of Tugulym has been carried out within the scope of the "OTSK" investment program. The project implementation will make it possible to decommission outdated oil- and coal-fired boiler houses and increase the reliability of heat supply to the local consumers. The amount of investment in the project will total 100 million rubles.