“Intertechelectro” has established an international technology consortium.

19 February 2020

Within the framework of the Berlin Conference "Innovation is the engine of economic growth", a ceremony was held to establish a Russian-German technology consortium for the design and construction of waste management facilities (RGTCWM).

The Consortium includs leading engineering companies from Germany, Switzerland and Russia, as well as equipment manufacturers operating in the field of waste management.

The Consortium establishment was initiated by "Intertechelectro" Group of Companies that has implemented a number of projects related to the construction of waste management facilities in Russia. JSC "Intertechelectro", the Swiss Union of environmental technologies, the Association for "Housing, Public Utilities and Urban Environment", Siemens, Tomra, Strabag Umwelttechnik, Vecoplan and Group of Companies Sutco Recyclingtechnik have signed agreements on the establishment of  a Consortium and on mutual cooperation. The Bavarian Union of eco-technologies also intends to become a member of the Consortium in the near future.

The signed documents provide for joint participation in the implementation of integrated waste management projects in Russia. The establishment of the Consortium will make it possible to combine Russian and foreign expertise, employ the best international practices and time-proven process solutions for dealing with all types of waste during the implementation of projects in Russia. Besides, the Consortium is intended to involve the German, Austrian and Swiss equipment manufacturers in the localization of equipment in Russia.

"The establishment of a consortium with the leading European companies is a major event for the waste management industry that is being actively developed in Russia," said Vladimir Babyak, General Director of Intertechelectro. – The Agreement on cooperation with the competent partners and the opportunity to employ the best solutions in the implementation of projects is a great honor to our company".

"Intertechelectro" is one of the leaders in the field of design and construction of waste management facilities in Russia. In 2018 "Intertechelectro" completed the construction of a waste sorting plant in Tyumen with a throughput of 350 thousand tons of waste per year. Currently the Group of Companies is completing the construction of waste sorting plants in Tobolsk and Ishim (the Tyumen region), and is engaged in the design of waste sorting facilities that include a landfill and a composting site in Nizhny Tagil and Krasnoturyinsk (the Sverdlovsk region). Besides, "Intertechelectro" is engaged in the design of other waste management facilities, it develops and manufactures waste management equipment and units at its own production site in Kurgan.