"Intertechelectro" Group of companies has supplied equipment for GES-CHPP in the village of Tazovsky

06 November 2019

The Kurgan Plant of Integrated Solutions (part of the "Intertechelectro" Group of companies) has delivered the ninth gas-engine genset to gas-genset-based CHPP No. 1, owned by JSC Yamalkommunenergo in the village of Tazovsky (the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

The 1.5MW ITE-P1500 gas-engine genset is based on Mitsubishi GS16R2 PTK engine, which is mounted in an all-metal heat-insulated module, and is similar to the equipment previously installed at the power plant. The new machine is intended for backup, and serves as a guarantee of the existing power plant reliability; in the future it will be used as a source of electricity for new facilities in residential community “Solnechny” and the Sports complex. After the new plant has been commissioned the output of the gas-genset-based CHPP will amount to 13.5MW.

Gas-genset-based CHPP No.1 in Tazovsky was put into operation in 2017. The power plant construction was carried out under the investment program of JSC Yamalkommunenergo. "Intertechelectro" Group of companies was the general contractor of the construction project. The startup of the new power plant made it possible to take outdated power-generating equipment out of service, increased the reliability of power supply to consumers and improved the environmental situation in the village.

The Kurgan Plant of Integrated Solutions was established in 2016. The company produces modular-type power-generating equipment. The products include gas-engine and diesel power plants, packaged boiler units, compressor units, electrical units, auxiliary infrastructure facilities.