Company profile

Date of Establishment: April 24, 2001.

The Engineering and Construction Company Intertechelectro is engaged in the comprehensive implementation of investment projects in the energy sector under the terms and conditions of the turnkey construction. The Intertechelectro JSC objective is construction of power facilities (generation source units, network facilities and electric power substations) by applying the integrated engineering and management of projects on the basis of the ЕРС/ЕРСМ contracts with due account for limitations (in terms of timeline, cost and resources), imposed by the investment projects participants, and with assurance of quality. The company expertise enables both the execution of integrated works under the turnkey conditions based on the ЕРС/ЕРСМ contracts and specific types of work related to comprehensive engineering, construction and assembly operations, as well as deliveries of material-and-technical resources.

The project management within Intertechelectro JSC is based on determination to satisfy the owner’s needs to the maximum through optimum combination of unique experience of its specialists and state-of-the-art technologies.

Intertechelectro JSC employs the project management corporate system, including the project management information system (PMS/PMIS), computer-aided engineering system (CAE), administration of supplies, management of contracts, risk control and engineering design management system (EDMS) to allow the company to effectively manage implementation of the projects.

The company projects implementation involves participation of major international and Russian companies, specifically: equipment suppliers, financial, legal and technical advisors, design institutes. The best contractors and plants, manufacturing equipment and systems, are engaged in performance of the assigned tasks.

Key areas of activity:

  • Comprehensive engineering, including:
    • design, technological construction and managerial engineering. Arrangements for execution of entire work package related to development and implementation of business plans, tender procedures, design-and-exploratory documentation, process equipment deliveries, control and technical supervision of construction-and-installation works and commissioning;
    • execution of pre-project studies and design work (jointly with PEC New Generation) Selection of construction sites, execution of land allocation documents, performance of design-and-exploration work, development of investment substantiation and engineering documents, formation of technical policies and power supply concepts, supervision and control over execution and expert evaluation of design work, performance of the building owner-developer functions;
    • engineering consulting, including exercise of the building owner-engineer functions.
  • Turnkey construction of the generating facilities and network building projects on the basis of the ЕРС/ЕРСМ contracts;
    • execution of the entire work package related to delivery of equipment, fulfillment of construction-and-assembly works and commissioning operations, installation supervision and service maintenance, modernization, reconstruction and technical upgrading of the energy sector facilities.
  • Automated process control systems for power generating facilities;
    • design and engineering, selection of technological facilities and development of control programs, delivery and erection of equipment, APCS setting-up and commissioning.
  • Operation and service maintenance of power facilities;
    • technical supervision, supervisory responsibility, acceptance of construction-and-installation work, completing facilities with operational personnel, staff re-education and training, technological control and operational administration of power sites, monitoring and technical diagnostics of equipment, maintenance, repairs, reconstruction and technical upgrading of power facilities.

The Intertechelectro JSC managers and leading specialists are professional people, possessing experience in industrial production, equal to dozens of years, who have directly participated in construction of electric stations, substations and power transmission lines.